The Galatea Odyssey: World Contact project is an educational global outreach program. Over the course of eighteen months, educational leaders will circumnavigate the world in the sailing vessel Galatea, stopping to connect students from the United States and international schools. These teachers will also educate all students in areas inclucing oral history, science and technology, and geography and exploration. The culmination of this project will be in July, 2003, when the Galatea returns to Boston, in a face-to-face contact with U.S. and international students. This event will take place at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where students will strengthen the bonds of friendships established, improve communication between cultures, discuss worldwide education and appropriate techologies, actively create, build, and explore, and propose ideas and solutions.

To promote educational ideas on science and technology and global change among students around the world from their personal, cultural perspective; and to actively participate in the circumnavigation of the sailing vessel Galatea.

Points of Contact:
Contact takes place through hands-on activities, workshops, and talks while communicating from world sites. Contact will be made in person and through a living, evolving web site. Teachers and students are invited to actively participate in three educational adventures:

· Oral History Contact
Science and Technology Contact
Geography and Exploration Contact

Find out more:
To find out more information about this project, please download the following materials that have been prepared by the organizers.

Galatea Odyssey: World Contact - PowerPoint Presentation (pdf, 168k)

Galatea Odyssey: World Contact - Brochure Front (pdf, 140k)
Galatea Odyssey: World Contact - Brochure Back (pdf, 9k)


Gui Trotti and Dava Newman of Galatea Odyssey: World Contact have been named Solar System Educational Ambassadors for the Solar System Ambassadors Program by NASA. For more info about this
program, go to

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