Geography and Exploration Contact Objectives:

How do you see the World? Here's how some students from Escuela Superior Isidro Sanchez in Luquillo, Puerto Rico see 'El Mundo'. Draw your own map!

For more student maps, please see the 'Stories from our Journey' link under the Circumnavigate menu OR click on the compass rose from the home page to see the latest 'Spotlight' story.

Track and participate in Galatea's circumnavigation (go to the 'Where is Galatea Now' link under the 'Circumnavigate' menu).

Global sea, land, atmospheric, and wildlife contact and observations

GPS, Radar, MaxSea & RayNavigation software

Living web site:

National Geographic's Xpeditions:
Web site created by National Geographic that contains geography lesson plans and U.S. geography standards for educators and activities as well as an interactive learning museum for students.

I. The World in Spatial Terms
II. Places and Regions
III. Physical Systems
IV. Human Systems
V. Environment in Society
VI. The Uses of Geography

Lesson Plans
Active Learning Environment

download the Teacher's Guide(pdf)

 Exploring Earth From Space
This NASA educational lithograph set includes instructional materials and thirteen pictures of Earth taken from aboard the Shuttle as part of the NASA EarthKAM program. This incredible resource will enhance studies of science, mathematics, technology, and geography. Download the pdf files below or visit the Web site by clicking on the image to the right

Earth From Space Guide (pdf, 1.6MB)

Buenos Aires Argentina (pdf, 456k)

Cloud Patterns (pdf, 264k)

Deforestation in Rondonia Brazil (pdf, 308k)

Earth Features Seen From Space (pdf, 240k)

Eruption of Klyuchevskaya Volcano (pdf, 332k)

Global Sea Surface Temperature (pdf, 100k)

Northeast Coast of Australia (pdf, 428k)

Space Cameras (pdf, 212k)

Water is a Force of Change (pdf, 180k)

World Cloud Cover Pattern (pdf, 140k)

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