Oral History Contact Objectives:
Students around the Earth will record their feelings, knowledge, and stories of global change in the past three generations (students, parents, and grandparents).

Three generations of oral history reflecting on the changes and similarities in lifestyle and tradition throughout the last century. U.S. schools will be paired with international schools to share, communicate, and learn the oral histories of one another.

Your Mission: Make Contact!
Create a Family Scrapbook that charts members of your family over three generations (yourself, parents and grandparents). Use video, audio, paper, pencil or even collect memorabilia for your project to record your answers and family members' responses. Items might include: letters, photographs, postcards, newspaper articles, magazine articles, report cards, drawings.

Students are asked the record their thoughts and feelings based upon the following questions. They then are encouraged to ask their parents and grandparents these same questions and record their family's history. The children will record their "oral history" with photograhs, journals, drawings, audio recordings, and memorabilia. Once Galatea sets sail, visitors to this Web site will be able to enjoy images and text from participating students' actual "Family Scrapbooks."

Questions for Students:
Where were you born and grow up? How has that place(s) changed?
What place do you consider home? How has that place changed?
What is the farthest you have traveled as a child (up to 12 years old)?
What is the most interesting place you ever visited? Why?
What did you do for fun (games played, entertainment, etc.) as a child?
What is your school like (size, classes, location, architecture)?
What invention/technology made the biggest impact on your life?
Who had the most influence in your life?
What kind of music do you listen to?
What is your favorite fashion (clothes, hair, makeup, tattoos, etc.)?
Describe your house (materials, energy use, color, architecture).
What chores (help around the house) do you do?
What type of transportation do you most often use?

View the Scrapbooks!

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