Crossing the South Atlantic

Cape Town, South Africa to St. Helena to Salvador, Brazil 

The Hamptons flew in to Cape Town to sail with Gui across the Atlantic – over a month long journey at sea. Here is their story



Jorge and Sandy Hampton, the before photos. Sandy steps up to cook and Jorge in the sun.

Jorge becomes the master of the famous Galatea pizza. The Hamptons enjoying a meal on Galatea.

Where is the captain?

First sighting of St. Helena.      Sailing was too peaceful, so the Hamptons energetically climb to the top of St. Helena for some exercise and the view!

Ahh, Captain Gui with a Josh Simpson planet to leave behind at NapoleanÝs grave in St. Helena. (The planet on the right was left in Cape Town, South Africa).

Sandy in the state-of-the-art St. Helena mobile. After 2 days rest, itÝs time to cross the other half of the Atlantic ocean. Early morning departure ˝ next stop Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.

Jorge on watch.                  An ocean-loving Guillermo Trotti.

Hello Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.



The HamptonÝs flew back to Argentina and Dava and Tato Velez Funes flew in for Carnival 2003! Thank goodness Carnival is only 4 days (and nights) because 5 might have killed us.