Aussie Photos

“Night Passenger” Many nights when far out at sea we have visitors like this one catching a ride with us until sunrise, after circling the boat for 30 minutes or more they usually land on top of the mast or on our stern deck like this one. We find these “boobies” thousands of miles off shore, they are amazing fliers!

Sailing through the Torres Straight we caught this beautiful black marlin. After a 40 minute fight we brought it close to the boat and then released it by letting our line loose. Today we are sailing in the Indian Ocean and hooked a monster sailfish (6 feet) that jumped clear out of the water until it got loose! (thank god)  What a performance, what force and elegance!

Galatea anchored off of Horn Island while we made our first official Australian landfall on Thursday Island and went through quarantine, customs and immigration.

Black Point, Australia. This beautiful spot is on the coast of the Northern  Territory. A desolate beech in this remote coast, we stopped here for a night to time the currents for the crossing of the VanDiemen Gulf and to enter Darwin with its 8 m tides. We never saw the person that owned this little boat.

Private Showing, full moon in Australia. During our week sailing from Thursday Island to Darwin we had the light of our companion to guide us through the night! Being out here in this remote territory of the Earth it feels like the moon is there just for us, no wonder that the early humans prayed to moon gods!!

Australian Sunset, the most intense sun we have encountered in the whole trip! Both of us got sun burned for the first time. Between the reflection of the sea and the heat of the desert  you have to hide from the mid day sun in northern Australia. This is the best time of the day, every day we witness these multi-orange sunsets over the turquoise waters of the Timor Sea.

While in Darwin, Cori Lathan  came to visit us and help with the education program. She organized the meetings and the videoconference with astronaut Cady Coleman and kids in Montana and Darwin. Here she is with Dava and their little Croc friend at the Croc Park in Darwin. Cori is holding one of Josh Simpson’s (Cady’s husband) planets which we later left hiding on an ancient tree on the coast on Darwin Harbor.

Cori after a hard day’s work in Darwin enjoying the sunset at Mindle Beach.


Lunch Time!! It is unbelievable how high these guys can jump to get some lunch. The scary thing is that this fellows are all around our boat, we don’t dare go swimming!

Sun Lovers. Every afternoon many Darwinians gather at the local beech to enjoy these magnificent sunsets.

Galatea on the ‘Hard’. While in Darwin we took advantages of the fine yacht services there.

We painted the bottom and made many repairs to get ready for the crossing of the Indian Ocean.

We left this beautiful little planet inside the roots of this ancient tree. The ‘planets are made by the great American glass artist Josh Simpson. We have left many of his planets around the world: when we crossed the date line, in Fiji, Samoa and many other places hoping that someone may find them in the near or very distant future!

Kim and Peter at the Dinah Beach Cruising Yacht club where we enjoyed many evenings at dinner, music and happy hours. Peter was our neighbor while on the hard . He helped us with tools, advice, and driving us all over town looking for parts. We really enjoyed the “smokos” (coffee brakes) on his boat. A tradition that we still carry on Galatea.

Sunset at the Darwin Sailing Club.

Gui and Dava with Steve, Fiona, Scott and Luke Schreurs who showed us all around Darwin and whose parents we sailed with on Warna Carina, Jack and Ilse, from Curaçao to Tahiti.

Sunset lovers in Mindle Beach, Darwin.


Sydney Visit. On the way to Audrey’s (Gui’s daughter) wedding in England we stopped in Sydney for the day to visit with Wendy Montagne a long time friend of Gui’s from his Houston days. She showed us all the many beautiful sport of that magical city. Wendy being a travel agent also helped us with our travel arrangements.


Gui, Michael, and Wendy enjoying a crab feast at a harbor-side restaurant in Sydney.

Sydney harbor, what a great place to grow up!