Cocos [Keeling] Islands, Australian Territory, Indian Ocean Photo Diary:

Arriving to Direction Island, Cocos, was quite spectacular and a bit scary making sure we had the 2.2m draft for Galatea over the coral heads. We actually never got to lounge on this hammock, but it sure makes the ideal photo and leads you to believe this is the cruising life we live. Hammock photo taken by Rose Bachelor.

We enjoyed the beautiful torquoise sea, but most often commuting back and forth on ‘Acis of Galatea’, our dingy, over the 30-minute ride to West island to restock with food and water. Here’s Captain Gui in weathers to keep his city clothes dry.

Landfall at Direction Island, Cocos, houses a shack with cruiser memorabilia from decades back. Anyone who makes it to this remote coral atoll leaves a memento. Right: Galatea’s contribution of the American and Argentine flags intertwined with our names and date and an incredibly beautiful Josh Simpson planet with a touch of pink ribbon coral in the middle of the flags (see below for detail). We snorkeled the East side of Direction Island and saw wonderful fish, nudibranches, sharks and a special pink ribbon coral that was majestic and unlike any we’ve ever seen before. Josh had captured the same pink flow in one of his planets --- now for someone else to find on Cocos [Keeling].

A great sailing boat typical of Home Island, Cocos and the Malay population who lives there.

New friends, new places, same beauty and tranquility. Rose Bachelor, Stein Johansson, Dava and Peter Bachelor. Rose and Peter are from Zimbabwe and Australia, respectively, and sail on s/v Belagaer and Stein is from Norway and his boat is s/v Serenade. We shared wonderful cookouts, stories, and even a night filled with music on Direction Island courtesy of some Australian campers on the island (the music, that is). We’re sailing the same course to South Africa as Peter and Rose and will rendezvous with them next in Mauritius.