A Fishy Story from the Indian Ocean

The order was in: A Mahi Mahi for dinner. Captain Gui got busy putting the fishing tackle on our Penn trolling rod with extra care since the previous fish had been HUGE and stole the hook, line and sinker (we were glad to hold on to the fishing pole).

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, that is a great sound and makes the day after sailing 24/7 for many weeks across the Indian Ocean in light/moderate winds, but with a serious, endless Southern cross wave to make the ride bumpy, bumpy, bumpy.   Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, “Wow, this sounds like a big one. It’s not slowly down at all, just taking the line.”


Gui starts to reel it in and the fish isn’t cooperating – struggling for its life.

“Keep reeling sweetie!” Dava is there with the gaff, fillet knife, and bottle to spray alcohol into the gills to peacefully kill the fish.

…After 30 minutes and still fighting… Gui’s still battling the fish. Dava goes down below and bakes some banana bread.

Gui lands a beautiful Mahi Mahi after a 1-hour fight. It’s BIG, about 25 kg, and our biggest Mahi Mahi of the circumnavigation.

Even onboard, the Mahi Mahi still puts up a good fight. We thanked the fish and ocean for providing us with this wonderful food (for about 4 days, breakfast, lunch and dinner)!