We had a wonderful visit to the Galapagos Islands (Santa Cruz and Isabela) and hated to leave the magnificent turtles, sea lions, birds, and iguanas as well as new friends made on Isabela (Claudia and Jeff an Argentine and Texan couple living in the Casa Rosada). Isabela is truly an island to return to with friends to explore and enjoy, but the ocean calls and we set sail, Tuesday 16 April 2002, for our 3,000 mile journey to the Marquesas.

We are well on Galatea and have plenty of fresh food for the first week (-;, then it'll be cans, cans, and more canned food. We are heading South to pick up the Pacific tradewinds for the first few days and the rum line to Marquesas is 260 deg.

Gui fixed/replaced the end fitting on our spinnaker pole, we cleaned the boat (and dingy), clothes, and did all of our pre-Pacific crossing fixing, and are now in good shape for the long journey. We sail 24 hr/day taking 2-3 hour shifts each.

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