French West Indies, Antigua, and Guadaloupe

Tato Velez Funes joined us to explore St. Martin, St. Barts, Antigua, and Guadeloupe. The company and food were excellent! St. Barts is a beautiful, small island and we anchored in the seculed 'Anse de Columbier', hiked, snorkeled, and walked along beautiful white beaches.

After an overnight sail we anchored in English Harbor, Antigua. This is where Captain Nelson's history and architecture live on. We met Sally and Tommy Tompkins and kids who were vacationing and visiting Sally's father on his boat. What a small world! It was wonderful to meet Henry and Mimi, literally our Marblehead neighbors.

After another wonderful sail we landed on Guadeloupe, FWI and met Patrick, Evelyne, and Andrea - Tato's friends who showed us their beautiful French island and showered us with hospitality. We hiked to waterfalls, enjoyed a week of 'Carnival' Caribbean style, and got to know the 'Butterfly Island'. Alas, our regulator that controls the alternator on the engine failed and we finally had to have a replacement flown in my St. Martin. Once installed, we said our farewells to Tato, Patrick, and Evelyne and Gui and Dava set sail nonstop to Curaçao.

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