All is well in the Marquesas

Wed -Thur (May 9, 2002):
We worked on Galatea and installed 2 new 6 m copper tubes for the hydraulic steering system. We think we have it all fixed, but need to run some sea trials to confirm. We filled her up with hydraulic fluid to replace our handy olive oil stop gap.

Friday (May 10, 2002):
We took a tour via 4X4 over the incredible mountains of Nuku Hiva, Marquesas. We stopped all along the way and picked fruit: limes, grapefruit (the best you've ever tasted), mangos, bananas, and a few that are new to us (pistash - purple juicy fruits with a seed; a hard green fruit that is closest to a bland apple; and an incredible green fruit with spiked skin, very intimidating). We had a wonderful lunch at Chez Yvonne - mahi mahi cooked in coconut milk, taro, and green beans. That's our first meal out this entire week in the Marquesas since things are so expensive, but well worth it. We saw an wonderful torquoise parrot, which is very unique on this island and an endangered species. Oh, and we were eaten alive by the dreaded no-no's and I even got into some nettle (aka poison ivy-like nettle) climbing the bush for our fruit.

Saturday (May 11, 2002):
We got up to go to the market at 4:30 am with all the yachties and the locals, which we thought was the craziest thing in the world. And sure enough we bought our veggies in the dark at 5 am and everything was gone by 6 am when the light came out. It's an early culture here with everything shutting down with sunset.

We had a great bar-b-que on the beach tonight with all the yachties and it was great to meet so many more cruising folks. Fun was had by all. Gui cooked some awesome tuna (a thon) steaks for us and he even cooked for all the rest of the fleet. Our Marquesan host, Justin from Pension Paahatea Nui, was incredibly hospitable and let us use his bar-b-que pit, provided a tent and lights and enjoyed the evening with all of us. Since we all live on our boats, it's not often that we get to socialize in a big group on land. We look forward to future bar-b-ques like this.

Sunday:(May 12, 2002)
We're off to Daniel's Day today, Baie de Taioa, to see a little more wilderness and will return here to Baie de Tailhae on Monday to pick up our FedEx (hopefully it arrives) and meet our friends on Gipsy.

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