Virgin Islands to St. Martin

Christmas Eve, 2001, we sailed from Puerto Rico to the beautiful island of Culebra (Spanish Virgin Islands). Then we arrived in the US and British Virgin Islands. We saw Justin Scott in St. John's, US Virgin Island in Watermelon Cay. We visited, sailed and spent New Year's Eve with Dougie, Grace, Jamie, Kyle, and Emma Thomson in Tortola. Steve Copeland visited us for some work and sun. Pedro and Ceci Vasena joined us in the British Virgin Islands and sailed with us on the crossing to St. Martin. It's hard to pick the most beautiful spot and memories because each day, all our friends, and Nature are overwhelmingly magnificent!

Steve Copeland, Jamie, Kyle, and Dougie Thomson (Deadman's Bay, St. Peter's, BVI) Dougie, Kyle, and Jamie on Galatea.

Gui and Pedro Vasena enjoying the Baths, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands. Ceci and Pedro Vasena washing dishes in the galley - they are, of course, invited back to Galatea!

Waves: In the Virgin Islands, none to comment on. It was wonderful and calm. Crossing to St. Martin we saw 2-3 m waves.

Wind: consistantly blowing NE and ENE at 20 knots.

Sun: Always!

Sea Temp: 80 F (~30 C)

Highlights: Friends, family, love, fantastic sailing, nature, sun, sand, smiles...

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