Mauritius: A Wonderful Island


We landed in Port Louis, Mauritius after over a month of sailing from Australia (with a short stop in Cocos) across the Indian Ocean. We were glad to reach land! Here are just a few of the memorable moments.

Schools of dolphin visited us across the Indian Ocean (this great shot was taken by Rose Bachelor of s/v Belagaer).

Dava shown repairing the UPS, our reacher, enroute from Cocos to Mauritius. The light conditions (<15 knots) meant that our reacher got a workout day and night.

Dava “on watch” caught snoozing (just a little) by the captain Gui.

Gui securing lines on Galatea at sunrise for our early morning arrival in Mauritius. The interesting mountains were a welcomed vision across the horizon.

The Caudan waterfront in Port Louis. The newly redone waterfront area offered everything we needed, mostly fresh showers and good food. This small island has over 1 million inhabitants.

Galatea moored along the wall at the Caudan waterfront in Port Louis, Mauritius.


We took an excursion across the island, thanks to Jim Huber of s/v Fiesty Lady from Annapolis. Jim and Sarah, his crew from England, enjoying the view.

Peter and Rose Bachelor of s/v Belagaer enjoying our Mauritian excursion across the mountains and to the Southern shore for a picnic.


We went to a sacred Indian site and were welcomed by the community to visit this worshiped lake and temple where Shiva is revered. All the statues were ordained with beautiful fresh flowers, fruit and incense.


Next stop, Durban, South Africa!

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