Panama Canal Crossing
March 15-16, 2002

We crossed the 600+ nm from Curaçao to the San Blas islands of Panama in 4 days and arrived in paradise. Three fantastic days were spent with three Kuna Indian families on West Holendes island. Then we sailed 1 day to arrive in Colon, Panama to start preparations for crossing the canal - 5 days later (patience required) we crossed the 8th wonder of the world with our friends Jim Olive and Jim Rabby on board. Stephane (French Canadian), Mike Turner (from Alaska) and Glen (English) assisted us on Galatea as line handlers through the three canal locks. We anchored at Gamboa Friday night and continued the canal crossing on Saturday. It was a fantastic experience. The canal authority maintains a great website at:, where you can view live images of the boats in Miraflores canal.

Dava with the San Blas Kuna Indians who dressed her up in a ceremonial Mola. Erika and her son.

Gui, Jim Rabby, Jim Olive, and Dava enjoying a week together in Panama: Portobelo and the canal crossing.

Crossing the Panama Canal on s/v Galatea rafted to Warna Karina (AUS). Locks closing.

Our second day of crossing the canal. Gui on the bow of Galatea. The bridge of the Americas!

Stephane, Mike and Gui handling the 150 foot lines in the canal. We scooped the CRASH!!!! in the canal and with Jim Olive onboard got the best photos of the sinking freighter, which was hit by a tanker in plane daylight (March 15, 2002).

We have made great friends with Jack and Ilse on Warna Karina (Australia) and Guillem, Manoli, and little Guillem on Gipsy (Majorca).

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