Puerto Rico
December 2001

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Our first educational stop was a huge success in Luquillo, Puerto Rico at the Escuela Superior Isidro Sanchez - thanks to the fantastic students, teachers, and principal. We had a wonderful time interacting with all of the students offering our seminar on "Space and Sea Exploration." We enjoyed a wonderful afternoon of interaction highlighted by the students drawing their 'Visions of the World'. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than these maps brought to you from the students in Puerto Rico must be worth millions. Enjoy!

Gui and Dava with the teachers and students at Escuela Superior Isidro Sanchez in Luquillo, Puerto Rico

Do you know where Luquillo is? (Hint: Look on the NE coast of Puerto Rico). Some students and a teacher came to Galatea to learn about navigation, sailing, and to send us off.

Assignment: In 10 minutes, draw a map of the world. Can you match this knowledge of geography?

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