Tuamotus and Tahiti

We made landfall in the Tuamotus islands in Manihi. The Tuamotus use to be know as the Dangerous Archipelago, with numerous boats running aground, but thanks to GPS our entrance was interesting against a 4 kt rip tide, but not dangerous. We enjoyed this turquoise atoll and met our Japanese friends on Oric Halcum here.

The village is very small with only a few small shops. We snorkeled through the cut to the atoll and the reef was wonderful, ALIVE with all kinds of sealife. Many of the fish are new species to us as compared to the fish we're use to seeing diving/snorkeling in the Caribbean and Central America.

The island of Tahiti is magnificent and we could see the 9000 foot peak from 75 nm away. We enjoyed the anchorage in Papeete right in the middle of town and were in awe at the rowers in their singles, 4 person, and 6 person canoes. After a few days in town we went South inside the barrier reef to the Maeva ('Welcome' in Tahitian) beach area and anchored in 50 ft water with a beautiful turquoise pool outside the boat. Andree (Dava's cousin) and Lukas Cannon joined us for 10 days in Paradise in June. We had a great last night in Papeete with our friends from Australia on Warna Carina and from Spain on Gipsy. After provisioning, snorkeling, and a little more sight seeing we departed Tahiti for the island of Moorea.

Moorea is spectacular! We anchored in Cook's Bay on the Northern side of the island and met our friends from Seattle on Athanor and from Georgia on Charlotte. Andree and Luke got their sealegs during the short afternoon sail to Moorea. We rented a car to tour the island and visited the vista (see photo) and ancient ruins looking into Cook's Bay. To end our tour we stopped at a beautiful white sand beach to relax and swim in a turquoise pool.

From Moorea we sailed over night to the island of Huahine over 100 nm away and anchored in about 40 ft of crystal clear water off of the old Bali Hai hotel. Huahine is one of the least populated of the Society Islands and the four of us really liked the wonderfully relaxed environment and friendly people. One afternoon we rented bicycles and toured around the Northern part of the island collecting papayas along the way end ending at the plush Sofitel resort for beers and pina coladas - the ride back was easier. From Huahine, we set sail for Bora Bora and grabbed a mooring off of the Bora Bora Yacht Club. We had real land showers here for the first time in a few weeks - what a pleasure!

Bora Bora deserves it's reputation as one of the world's prettiest islands, but in our opinion they all share more beauty than one can take in. The island is now overcrowded with hotels, though. Again, the four of us rented bikes and cycled all the way around the island this time (the wrong direction since the wind was always in our faces, but we got some great exercise). We ate well with Gui grilling fresh fish or meat almost every night. Ahh, we had the most wonderful time in the company of Andree and Luke and then too soon, it was time to set sail for Samoa.


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